One of my favourite places, New York city.  I am always inspired by the busyness of  the city.  I love to walk for miles , the city is always interesting.  The museums are amazing, this time I saw a small but great exhibition of some of Degas's works. There is art of one kind or another all over the  city and I take photos with my handy.

Only in New York City :)...The Beautiful Flat Iron Building..,,this truck :)...Beauty in the middle of an avenue in Manhattan...Lovely Mural in Tribeca...Live Pickles ????? ... Painted Body in Central Park...and last but not least "The Chicken"


Below are photos that inspire my present series of Flora and Stem.  I am always attracted to the intricate details created by nature, the beautiful  disorganized patterns.


I recently had a vernissage at the EK Voland Art Gallery in Montreal.  It was a great success and seeing my new series all together was a thrill.  I have posted a few photos of the show.


Hanging the show

Hanging the show


November 23, 2017  Vernissage