Vanier college: majoring in fine arts and languages

West island creative art centre : Janet Harris

life drawing classes with Dorothy Grostern, Saidye Bronfman

Oil painting live models classes with Marilyn Rubenstein, Saidye Bronfman

Oil painting classes with Rita Briansky, Saidye Bronfman

Creativity classes with Philip Iverson, Saidye Bronfman

Mixed Media and print classes with Linda Granatstein Schneider’

Oil Bar Workshop with Jacques Clement , Saidye Bronfman

Encaustic workshop with Karen Thompson, Visual Arts centre

Painting workshop with Tom Hopkins

Canvas workshop with Stewart Fletcher , Saidye Bronfman

Portrait workshop with Ian Shatilla

Watercolours with Renee Mizgala

Lithograph classes , Saidye Bronfman

Sculpture classes , Saidye Bronfman

Frescoe Painting, Saidye Bronfman


1st prize winner in Oil Category for the City of Pierrefonds


Group shows at Galerie Blanche

Group show at EK Voland

Duo Show at Kirkland Library

Arbo Expo

Faubourg Ste Catherine

Canvas solo show City of Lachine